COVID Antibody Strike Team Manager

Antibody Strike Team Manager is a cloud-based app specifically-designed to support COVID19 antibody strike teams

COVID Antibody Strike Teams can save lives - delivering life-saving therapies onsite with speed and agility

Spreadsheets don't cut it...

Our ASTM framework app manages team requests, assignments, deployments, site prep, logistics, follow-up, and documentation. It can be deployed and in the hands of users within hours - and updated real-time in minutes. No software to load. No IT involvement.

Secure solution (SOC 2 and FEDRamp certified platform).

COVID Antibody Strike Team Manager

Review progress against goals. Determine need by geographic areas. Enjoy real-time reporting at every level.

Plan team visits near and long term. Determine visit durations, travel times and PT contact time...

Workflow requests. Log status changes to maintain a comprehensive record of all activities / actions.

Log Patient care, contact information and administered lot#.


Quick Base has tons of built-in security features - spread across multiple levels (metastructure, application, role, table, field, etc.). We know what's required to bullet-proof an app.

Multi-User (Cloud-based)

Most any low code app works great with 1 table, a hundred records, and 12 users. 125k records and 500 users (an field users) - no problem.


STM Manages every aspect of creating, managing, and deploying Strike Teams.

Right Now

We can deploy Strike team in as little as 3 hours.


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Low Code + Solid Governance = High-Quality Apps.

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